REST API integration for flexible and regulated bulk data loading from any external system

rest api integration in budgeting and planning software
A business performance management system exists for further analysis of how a company grows and develops compared with strategy and current operational plans and financial budgets.
In other words, management of any company is interested not just in the number of manufactured products or sold services, but it worries about profit and revenue fluctuation, as well as how current indicators compare with last year and the company's growth strategy to see the potential of development and business bottlenecks.

This is the field where complex business management software and other such business systems, for example, resource planning software, financial analysis and planning (FA&P) or sales and operations planning (S&OP) software are advanced. With extensive data consolidation capabilities, data categorization, SQL and non-SQL structuring, their analysis toolkits are sometimes too complex and not presentable at all. Of course, you can use extra BI systems, but most of the material is still served in Power Point presentations and simple Excel spreadsheets. Here we will look at the issue of integration in more detail.

From Excel to EPM System

Excel allows users to collect data with various resources for on-request data analysis. Such integration does not imply regularity, setting the time for loading and other features that can make a life easier. At the same time, detailed, regular, procedural and automatic integration (as is maintained by IPaaS integration) with any other corporate systems is required for business management systems to fully cover all business processes.

Usually, Excel is not designed for such a task, and therefore the process of loading budgeting and planning information, or, for example, data from third-party services, such as exchange rates, occurs manually, with little automation. For example, a user prepares a file in the particular format and gives the system a task to find desired data in the location. After that, additional verification may often be required.

From EPM System to Excel

It's funny, but uploading data from the system to Excel is also fraught with a number of difficulties. For example, information is often downloaded in the form of hard data, without formulas between elements. Just imagine that you again have to manually collect all the costs into a formula in order to show the manager why the costs increased and, as a result, profit decreased. If a company has to send operational plan and financial budget Excel templates outside the organization, for example, a bank may introduce such an obligation to a borrower, it cannot avoid Excel spreadsheets without formulas. Read here about how we solved this task with SAP and local EPM System.

How do we solve this problem?

We understand that regular data exchange between all corporate systems is the basis of good analytics. Therefore, Spreadym supports regular and customizable data exchange with any external systems using REST API technology. For example, after the changes have been made, the user can place some complex procedures for loading and transforming data for a night. In the morning, the system will provide the user with updated data and model structure configurations. After that, all models can be recalculated if it is necessary.
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