How It Works
Similar to Excel, but more powerful, flexible, and simpler. The stack includes In-memory, Excel, and Cloud storage
More productive and dynamic than Excel alone
Features of system architecture
Efficient Storage: Omits Zero Values
Handles up to 50 dimensions per cube with efficient sparse data processing
Ability to add/remove dimensions in an existing cube
Supports real-time structure changes without existing data loss
Comprehensive Access Rights configuration
Ability to create calculations in security cubes to support complex workflow mechanisms
Availability of data input and loading registers with drop-down lists
The ability to create input tables for convenient data entry, as well as the ability to do automatic mapping to target analytics
Availability of built-in actions/processes
Ability to create processes of mass copying, clearing, adding elements, inserting values into a cube, updating directories and others
Full integration with other business systems
Mange business through one report
Connection of indicators of production, sales and finance in one model.
Combining all company processes in one report and on one tab.
Wide range of tools: plan vs. actual, what-if, forecast, scenario modeling, etc.
Interactive and automatically updated reports in a few clicks.
Data exchange with the third-party systems
Full integration with any third-party systems and web portals
Collection business data from different sources into a single database
Automatically recalculated models from new data upload
Real-time business collaboration
Data exchange at any time and with any rule
Server stored data with regulated access
Co-working on reports
Centralized data management
User-friendly formulas and reports constructors
Description of the process of creating new calculation models and detailed instructions for working with the platform.