Large agricultural complex
Client problems
Implementation period
Inability to automate strategic planning due to closed business logic
Planning Analytics
Automation of planning
in Agribusiness
to correct formulas in IBM Planning Analytics.
Help from developers was required
for operational planning, the Client continued to carry out a strategic plan in Excel format.
Despite implementing IBM Planning Analytics
the Client continued to assemble a strategic plan in Excel format.
which was critical for the Client.
upload data to Excel reports without
IBM Planning Analytics
could only
for operational planning,
Description of the Client's situation:
Manual verification of formulas based on methodology
Manual data transfer from ERP and IBM PA to reports
Manual preparation of a strategic plan
Manual supplementation of reports with detailed data
Transparency of methodological formulas for all participants
in the process
Drill down into data from a single report
Automatic and regular downloading of data from ERP and IBM Planning Analytics
A unified system for the entire business for strategic planning
Results of Spreadym implementation:
Before Spreadym
After Spreadym