Infrastructure construction company
Client problems
Implementation period
Plans and reports are collected manually, making detailed analysis difficult
Project planning in Сonstruction
The system must facilitate data exchange with ERP, and creating and editing reports
should be as easy as possible.
as possible.
should be as easy
The client requested automation
of the planning and budgeting process.
a wide
The finance department uses
range of analytics tools that the system should support.
Description of the Client's situation:
Manual calculation of the project budget, plan vs. actual
Manual data transfer from ERP and manual report consolidation
Manual creation of forms and reports for employees
Manual consolidation of financial results for all construction projects
Automatic calculation of indicators in financial models when new data arrives
Automatic and regular downloading of data from ERP
Combining data on individual projects into a single database
Convenient tool for automatically creating reports and forms
Results of Spreadym implementation:
Before Spreadym
After Spreadym