Financial planning and analysis
in real time
FP&A platform that makes business planning and budgeting easier, faster, and more flexible
The most user-friendly FP&A platform ever
Spreadym streamlines your planning and budgeting, offering unparalleled clarity and flexibility
No Limitations
The same as in Excel, but with a range of additional benefits
No Developers
No Risks
No Large Investments
How Spreadym can help your business to be sustained?
Budgets & Forecasts
Production Planning
Flexible configuration of budgets and reports, plan vs. act and “what if” analysis.
Planning of production with an approval module and a supervision tool.
Financial Modeling
Scenario analysis.
Goal setting and tracking. KPI monitoring.
HR planning and KPI control. Payroll planning and employee data management.
S&O Planning
Stock, production, sales and risk management are in an unified model.
Financial consolidation of an entity excluding intra-group turnover.
What tasks Spreadym can solve?
... for greater efficiency and capacity
Collaborative work through Excel forms
Simple and intuitive system logic
Self-service platform
No IT team assistance required
Manage your model data flexibly ...
Integration with the third-party systems
Centralized data management
Automatic recalculation of models
Access rights management
We empower FP&A of our clients
Spreadym is what we were looking for. It has definitely sped up our internal processes, and its unsurpassed flexibility has allowed us to fully solve our issues and tasks
Steven Foster, Head of FP&A
The easiest solution on the market to adapt to. We didn't even notice how we switched to the platform from Excel, while expanding our capabilities many times over
Ann Boezaard, Head of Finance
Why Spreadym?
Up to 70% faster*
data collection from a range of business units
Changes in 1 click
in financial models and reports
Access control
based on business requirements
* Based on the results of a survey of 10 companies from different industries that implemented Spreadym.
Simplier and more flexible then any EPM/CPM system
More powerful then ordinary Excel and Google spreadsheets
Excel-like interaction
Flexible set-up and risk-free implementation
Transparent business logic
Full access to the methodology
Fast implementation
Intuitive technology that suits to a wide audience
Without IT team attendance
Users can implement it on their own
Learn more about technology
Working with the familiar Excel interface
100+ financial models for a range of projects
Budgeting systems
Cash-flow management systems
Systems of integrated business planning
Manufacturing planning systems
Goods assortment planning system
Strategic planning systems
Accounting and financial consolidation
Experience in a range of industries
Automation of budgeting
and operational planning processes
weeks for implementation
Automation of project planning in detail
weeks for implementation
Integration of Spreadym as the first corporate performance managment system
weeks for implementation
Automation of logistics operations planning
weeks for implementation