Flexible privacy configuration

Flexible privacy setups for excel
Maintaining confidentiality is an important aspect in working with company data and the basic step for choosing the appropriate business performance management software.
The use of specialized business software for analysis, planning and budgeting can simplify the task of dividing access, but it can also have its downsides. Let's look at all these questions in more detail and compare two groups of tools for business analysis. On one side, it will be the company’s budgeting and planning templates for Excel spreadsheets, on another it will be financial and planning software, strategy and operational planning software, resource planning software and other business performance management tools.

The first step in privacy automation

If we are talking about the initial steps of financial and operational automation, we, of course, mean budgeting and planning Excel spreadsheets. In order to set up a privacy configuration, the user needs to create several similar excel files to separate data from different company’s divisions. It is impossible to configure access to only a limited range of data for different users in one Excel spreadsheet. In this case, the user has to copy the necessary data series manually from one final file to a separate one.

The confidentiality of data exchange is also at risk in this situation. Usually, confidential business information is maintained in folders on the server or is sent via corporate mail. The risk is predictable. Just remember the training sessions in your company that give instructions for the case if you send confidential data to the wrong recipient. It will involve participation of risk management, corporate security service and IT service in procedure. To read more about disadvantages of a such approach visit the page.

Advanced level of safety

Business budgeting and planning software simplifies the work with confidential data. The user has access only to those forms and data arrays that correspond to the access rights. However, corporate data does not live on its own and is expected to be analyzed. And this is the reason for the complexity of working with financial analysis and operational planning software. It is difficult to coordinate the configuration of downloaded data from business software, because it may be very detailed. Also, links between elements of business information are not saved, which can also make analysis difficult.

Spreadym allows users to set up flexible configuration of access for all employees involved in business process working on the basis of Excel spreadsheets. Users are granted rights to look at or edit particular forms, versions of documents, and even items in data categorization in directories. A user with the appropriate rights can make changes to the categorization of the company's products, or, if access is limited, only enter planning or budget data in a form that can either be prepared or have an unconventional view for the convenience of each employee. To read more about privacy configurations in business automation with Spreadym, inc visit the link.
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