What tasks does Spreadym solve?

Business performance management and planning platform
Operational planning, even at large industrial or retail companies, can be based on full personal involvement and manual analysis and verification. The main reason of a such disbalance are the lack of resources to systematize this entire array and unstructured and divided databases across different software and departments of organization.

It would seem, what is it? An employee can spend several hours and put corporate information all together in Excel and here also calculate necessary metrics. We don’t mind, and what is more for small companies it can be reasonable. The production program or sales plan of such organizations contains not a huge list of products or goods, so that personal analytics can be rather suitable. But what if the number of product types is wide enough? In such cases, it is worth getting ready to permanently correct errors in corporate reports.

But it is not enough, below you can see the most common challenges companies usually face.

  • Divided databases on products and goods in different divisions.
  • Errors in bills of materials descriptions.
  • Long time for finalization of production and procurement programs.
  • Analysis of the implementation of production or sales plans is carried out manually.
  • Lack of accounting for semi-finished products in production.
  • The cost price and other metrics for each group of goods are calculated manually.

The list can be continued. If among these problems you recognize your pains, then you definitely need to switch to a corporate planning system. And here it is time to meet Spreadym.

Spreadym is a comprehensive system for corporate planning and analytics. The software helps to track the movement of goods and products from stage to stage in detail without any manual adjustments. If you need to introduce amendments to the system (suddenly your accounting policy has changed), you can make it on your own immediately without of IT team involvement. Of course, Spreadym can collects all information from the third-party software existing in the company into a single database.

And the extra advantage of Spreadym is that the interaction with the platform is carried out through beloved Excel. Familiar formulas and filters are complemented by smart product categorization, error checking and free forms for entering data that structure information on their own.