Myths about digital transformation

Myths about automation in business
Despite the range of new software and its wide functionality for business, many employees continue to be skeptical about the digital transformation of the planning and budgeting corporate process.

Sometimes these fears are really justified, but they are more likely to be pure myth. Let us consider in detail all those delusions that are usually considered as a sin of digitalization.

Myth #1. Digital transformation in a company will put me out of work.

No, that won't happen. Digital transformation is not so powerful, and it is usually utilized in those areas where operations are typical and regular. The solution to creative tasks is still left to the person. For example, for planning, Spreadym allows you to look at historical data and detailed indicators, to compare data arrays and so on. It also substitutes the manual work on creation of tables and addition of new elements. But the choice of budgets for the model, adding calculations and links between indicators, anyway, stay for analysts.

Myth #2. Digital transformation is difficult, you need to spend a lot of time learning a new service.

Developers understand that time is also a resource, so they try to make the software interface as user-friendly as possible. We at the Spreadym team have gone even further, so we invite you to stay in the familiar MS Excel spreadsheet interface to take full advantage of our platform. The platform integrates with spreadsheets and allows you to exchange data with the server just in the same application. So, the transition to a new platform which is implemented in a familiar interface doesn’t take a lot of time for users. Ease of using the platform gives an opportunity to work only with corporate business analysts instead of calling upon developers’ services.

Myth #3. Digital transformation is expensive, it also requires changing the entire business process of the company.

Of course, when one implements a complex CPM system for a large enterprise with several production sites for the first time, one will have to spend money. But for other cases, there are a number of optimal solutions for digital transformation of reporting and planning processes in small and medium businesses and even separate divisions of a large company. Spreadym is, of course, one of them.

The platform can become an independent business management system, as it allows users to track the implementation of the plan, generate regular reports, analyze indicators, create a budget and so on. It also can be a pleasant addition to, for example, the planning department, in companies where an integrated business management system is already installed.