Case study: Digital transformation in Agriculture

Finance automation in agriculture
Our team was engaged to proceed with the digital transformation of the financials of an agricultural holding. One of the well-known business management platforms on the market was chosen to structure client’s budget planning activities.

The implementation of the platform took more than a year. During this period, we deployed complex calculations of production and sales, we introduced convenient filling forms and structured final reports.

However, using the business system, the client discovered that it did not always meet the users’ expectations in terms of convenience. For instance, all formulas and calculations in the system were designed by developers and hidden from ordinary users. However, it was necessary for the client to look at all links between accounting items in financial models for further approval of budget indicators and attaching reports to a bank. In those conditions, users first had to upload reports from the system to Excel with fixed data, and then manually enter formulas into Excel spreadsheets.

The client asked us to solve this problem, but it was impossible with the existing system. Uploading reports shows only fixed data and formulas that were not available for a view. An ordinary user also could not adjust calculations of indicators. Any change required the involvement of developers, which led to extra costs for the company.

Moreover, some users had worked with Excel for ages and could not, from the first steps, get used to the new system and trust it. They entered the data first into their own Excel spreadsheets, and then uploaded the information into the system for approval and storage.

We realized all of users’ concerns and decided to create a tool that would help solve these problems. Spreadym allows you to operate with complex calculations and save them in one click, the same as in complex business systems. Users can look at the formulas and amend the calculation methodology. The familiar Excel interface allows users to quickly adapt to the system. At the same time, the cost of Spreadym is 5-10 times lower than its counterparts.