3 psychological traps of a busy-season

Cope with stress in Busy-season in eccounting and planning
Busy-season is a very stressful period, because a lot of work and dead-lines. If you think that the work of operational planners and accountants is not associated with stress, you are very mistaken. Below we stipulate the top-3 major stress points for the financial and planning department.

Limited period for reporting

Some of the work can not be prepared in advance to make life easier. Final data is usually available only at a certain date, but the period for preparation of analytics and reports is limited by several weeks or days. The deadline must be met in any case.

Problem: Employees can postpone difficult and not nice tasks to the end of the reporting or planning period.

Solution: It is important to realize if the work load is rather stable and equal during the busy-season, it is better. Of course, at the beginning there may be a desire to withdraw from stressful work, and maybe there can be a feeling that there is enough time to meet deadlines. But for personal well-being, psychologists advise to spread the tasks during the stress period.

Extra control

Accounting and planning need an exact correspondence of all amounts and volumes of corporate metrics. Even a small amount of money or production cannot be neglected. If there is a gap, it can only imply a mistake in calculations. Since the overall communication of the company with regulators and banks depends on the work of the accountant and the planning department, the price of a wrong step is extremely high.

Problem: This is a usual fear and it is necessary to solve it in psychological terms.

Solution: Accept that everyone can make a mistake, analyze the bottlenecks and try to eliminate them. In this case, process automation can also help. It will remove manual work in the most problematic areas.

Burnout after busy-season

After an intense work period, there can be a desire to leave the job or take a very-very long vacation. However, other duties also remain and it is necessary to continue fulfilling them.

Problem: No energy, employee on the verge of burnout

Solution: It will be helpful to learn how to quickly relax. Try doing nothing for 10 minutes, but truly nothing. Do not even look at the phone.