Collaborative work on corporate reports

Structure team work
Just imagine a project, many participants, everyone has their own task, tight deadlines. It's already uncomfortable, isn't it? A business analyst has to combine all the spreadsheets into one report. After some time come new edits: from the tax department, accounting, planning. The business analyst receives the following messages from colleagues:

- Take only information from the bottom table in the form I’ve sent you in the previous message.
- We have to adjust the plan for next year. A client left, and we do not understand whether we can sell the volumes to another client or not.

As a result, all participants in the process accumulate a list of final files adding special markers in the title that can help identify what version it is, who made the last edits and the date the corrections were made. Admit it, after the project, you also have a dozen versions of files with tails that indicate that this file is definitely the latest one, such as file-final-version-10-really-final.

Spreadym team agrees that all corporate information should be stored in order, and the system of storage should be clear to all participants. We have successfully implemented this principle in Spreadym. The corporate performance platform allows you to work in collaboration with colleagues handling a large amount of financial and operational business data. The system controls the correct input of data. And when incorrect data is detected, the platform notifies the user and allows one to return to any of the previous versions of the document.

A group of users can submit data to the corporate performance system using universal spreadsheets. As a result, the visualization of business intelligence will be a matter of one click.