Turn to a modern solution

Complex planning systems for the enterprise help to combine all the data and processes of the organization into a single model. Usually, companies use a vast range of software to setup business planning.

However, the main future that divides complex planning systems for the alternatives is a single database that stores data from various business processes with detailed categorization of products and lines of business.

Advantages of a complex planning system

It can be difficult for owners to assess the efficiency of the implementation of the planning system. However, companies should pay attention to those that solve the following tasks:

1. Optimization of business processes and results. Planning systems provide insights that help a company make better decisions and follow the directions for further improvement of operational efficiency.

2. Speed up decision making. Merging processes and data in one model helps increase transparency and visibility of business for decision making. As a result, it helps quickly take measures to increase productivity.

3. Raise business flexibility. Planning systems help a company to prepare in advance for any disruptions in business processes or changes in the market, as well as quickly respond to them.

Think about current solutions

Often, in organizations at an initial stage of automation, many separate solutions have already been implemented. The following events may perform as indicators for the transition to a unified system.

1. Basic solutions prevent development. If current software is slowing down the company’s growth, it may be time to change it.

2. Reduced efficiency. Separate systems do not work well together because not all of them support integration with third-party software. As a result, employees have to manually merge information in Excel spreadsheets.

3. The production process does not meet the expectations of customers. The company does not deliver on time, because there are constant delays in production. Management cannot clearly plan the production process to meet customer demand just in time.

Pay attention to this

Of course, it is difficult to find the ideal planning system that can meet all business needs. However, when choosing systems, a company should pay attention to the following points that will help make the right choice.

The company has enough investments to bring automation to the end.

There is nothing worse than an unfinished digital transformation, when it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation. A company should assess its abilities, and with limited investments, choose solutions that undermine step by step automation.

Integrability of the new planning system with existing software.

The selected planning solution should not only be linked with existing systems, but also provide prospects for future development.