Top-9 Excel tricks everyone should know

Excel tricks
It's hard to talk about serious things during the pre-holiday period, so let's look at the basic Excel tricks that will make work with databases much easier.

At the same time, you can also check how advanced you are at using Excel.

Fill handle tricks

Double click on the fill handle copies formula by the end of the data array. 

Type ”1” in the first cell, then press CTRL and drag the fill handle. As a result, you will receive cells with data that follows the pattern ”1, 2, 3”.

Creating a chart

Choose a range of data and press F11. This will help to create a chart of the data in the current range on a separate Chart sheet.

Data filling

For beginners. If you start to fill out some column, you can easily enter current data from the list. Click the right tab on the empty cell and then ”Choose from drop-down list”, select the item that you need. For the same result, you can also press ALT+”down arrow”. Note, this trick will not work if there is an empty row between the array and the filling cell.

Advanced level. Choose cells with data that has to be integrated into the drop-down list, then click Formulas > Name Manager. After clicking Create, enter name without space and press Ok. Choose the cells where you want to use the drop-down list and click Data > Validation > Allow > List. In the row Source enter “= Name of your list”.

To copy cell content in a range of cells and rows use Home > Fill option.

Work with cells

You can merge cells into an array by rows using Home > Merge Across.

To enter a break in the cell, click the location where you want to break the line, and press Alt + Enter.

You can easily find cells that contain formulas using this trick. Select a cell, or a range of cells. Click Home > Find & Select > Go To Special. Choose Formulas and press Ok.