Multi-dimensional databases

Software with multi-dimentional register
We pay a lot of attention to the issue of multidimensional bases. Let's see what it is and why it is needed.

Multidimensional databases imply the presence of data at the intersection of several features. Relationships between data are determined by models.

The necessity of utilizing multidimensional databases is caused by the variety of structured accounting parameters of business activities. At the same time, despite the plenty of specific features, all parameters are interconnected.

It can also be added that it is impossible to immediately determine the entire list of features for many accounting items. For example, the list of features can be updated and changed. Only thanks to multidimensional databases can this process be introduced into business analytics.

Creating Spreadym, we use a multi-dimensional approach to store corporate information. As a result, a wide range of parameters is always available to the user for analysis. For example, revenue can be disaggregated to a level that matches the organization's business needs. In addition, the flexibility of the system allows users to customize the models of the relationships between elements in the system, add and adjust the features of the elements. Consider that all information is stored on the server, the user can set up a data demonstration in just a couple of clicks on the filters.