Spreadym stretches the limits of MS Excel to make it suitable for complex corporate planning and analytical tasks in finance and operations

Financial analysis and planning software based on the Excel engine and cloud solution

Spreadym is software that combines the best technology features for corporate data analysis, such as complex business performance software with In-Memory database and integration through REST API and MS Excel spreadsheets. Spreadym is designed as a platform that helps make regular MS Excel spreadsheets scalable, with high performance and access to centralized data and metadata management.
What is Spreadym?
Spreadym is suitable for any data analysis tasks that requires centralized management of calculations, track of data entry, data categorization and consolidation, scenario planning and building complex calculation models with a number of variables.
Where can I use Spreadym?
Such tasks usually arise in business planning, budgeting, results analysis and forecasting


Financial Consolidation

Business Analytics

Forecast financial and production metrics using flexible scenario module
Consolidate data from different sources into a single and centralized database, even from third-party software.
Manage business performance by analyzing achieved results and initial plans and forecasts

Corporate Reporting

Strategic & Operations Planning

Budgeting Automation

Manage a single and centralized metadata and calculation models for a range of business divisions.
Create operational plans at a level of detail you need. Add extra forms to specify business parameters.
Add financial models to operational plans. Manage methodology of calculations and items allocation.
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Spreadym is designed as a platform for corporate planning and other analytical tasks that imply processing of large arrays of corporate data. Spreadym is totally based on MS Excel spreadsheets, but we overcome Excel barriers and make it scalable, dynamic and safe for such data-intensive and regular business activities as planning and reporting.

Common issues like a lack of security configuration and collaboration in spreadsheets, poor scalability, error-prone and lack of data and metadata management can hold business back and limit the ability to make informed decisions.

Spreadym is based on the MS Excel engine, but overcomes its limitations and provides organizations with powerful and scalable software for budgeting and planning in financials and operations using the familiar formulas and mechanisms of MS Excel.
Excel has long been the go-to corporate budgeting and planning software for many reasons. It is the most flexible and customizable spreadsheet application that is available to a wide audience. Its flexible and versatile features are in favor of many Financials and Operations professionals, and other types of specialized business performance management software tend to be too rigid.

However, as the volume of company data and complexity of calculation models grow, the limitations of the Excel toolkit become more and more apparent.
Why should I try it?
Advanced security system
Spreadym provides robust security features, including flexible access control, and data backup, to ensure that confidential data is always secure.
Collaborative workspace
Spreadym allows teams to work together in real-time, making it easier to share information and make informed decisions.
Streamline data and metadata management
Spreadym provides robust data management capabilities, including version control, auditability, automatic data directories update for all users.
Increase scalability of processing company's data
Spreadym is built to handle large amount of data and perform complex calculation models, making it ideal for companies that need software to process large arrays of corporate data.
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We focus on core planning and analytical technologies and highlight Spreadym key advantages.
Automate planning and analytical tasks in a growing business
Spreadym solves the tasks of data processing and information structuration to make corporate planning and analysis more efficient.
Rapid implementation
Integrable with existing systems
Easy to install and setup
The implementation of Spreadym will not take a year, it will take several weeks to set up all corporate business processes.
Spreadym can collect data from third-party systems to merge it in a single database.
A company doesn't need to hire a staff of IT team to service Spreadym. Ordinary users with skills in Excel and database can automate processes on their own.
Transparent business logic
Smart grading and error checking
Detailed analysis of corporate items
An ordinary user with suitable access rights can see all of the lincs between calculated parameters and, if it is necessary, adjust them.
Spreadym allows users to enter information in free form, all data will be distributed to a corporate database in the right places.
Spreadym structures the vast arrays of corporate information with detailed description. Users can analyse a company's production or sales at a granular level.
Key Points to Learn About Spreadym
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Centralized metadata management

Data Protection and Backups
How It Helps Your Business

Flexible privacy setups and ability to work in multi-version space

Learn how Spreadym can help to increase the efficiency of your business